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Impromptu No.1 "Self Portrait" (2014, pf)

What is living and what is dead (2014/15, pf)

Tiny deer (2012, vn)

Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ (2011, cl vn vc pf)

60 Bars for K.V (2009, cl vn va vc db)

Petryfyde Floures (2009, vn db)

Blue (2009, vn)

I remember you (2009, satb)

I remember you (2009, 2 x electric guitar)

Blue (2009, vn)

Babóg (2008, va, vc db)

Romance (2007, vn pf)

Winterizer (2008, pf)

Sati (2007, va db)

The Paradise Parts I-III (2005-6, pf)