What is living and what is dead is the solo debut of Irish composer Simon O’Connor on the Ergodos label. An immaculately crafted, beautiful and poignant collection of nine piano pieces, this new album is the result of over three years work from conception to release.  

“I wanted to create something that could make a profound emotional connection with people, music that could really draw listeners inward to themselves and awaken a sense of joy in the beauty of the world around them,” says O’Connor of the 57-minute long collection, which takes it’s title from a lecture given by the late historian and social commentator Tony Judt.  “More than ever, I felt the need to create music that could reconnect every listener to a childish sense of wonder; music that takes it’s joy in simple melody and delicate harmony; music that is – at it’s core – an embodiment of optimism.” 

Childlike melodies are pitched against ever-changing harmonic landscapes, in a desperate plea for beauty in a world gone austere. This is a wordless political polemic that cries out for more space, beauty, slowness and understanding in a time of pessimism and intellectual voids.

Listen to What is living and what is dead  here.